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Friday, September 13, 2002
The con

Even though I was impressed with General Myers's talk this afternoon, I am increasingly uncomfortable with the rhetoric around the impending war with Iraq.

The very ground of argument within the administration and in the press has been bogus. Two false alternatives have been set up so that the expert negotiators could find the middle way. No one has seriously put forward a moral justification for preemptive attack. No one has confronted the historic presumption that such an attack is an act of aggression that is inconsistent with ideals of liberty and justice.

We are left to fiddle with whether we will attack today or tomorrow, whether we will attack alone or with help. Whether we will attack or not is not even debated.

See these three items for the full range of (dis)agreement:
The Insiders' Iraq, By David Ignatius
2: Multilateralism, American Style, By Robert Kagan
3: Fictional Rift, By Charles Krauthammer

posted at 4:10 PM
A Review of the War on Terrorism

General Richard B. Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, discussed " A Review of the War on Terrorism" at a Luncheon on Sept. 13 at 12:30 p.m. at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. You can listen to a
recording of the talk here.

His sturdy military bearing betrayed no swagger. He gave a no-nonsense update on the country's response to the terrorist attacks of last year. He called it the "first year of our war on terrorism." He gave credit for participation in that war to every aspect of American society and to our "coalition partners" around the world, who have arrested over 2,700 terrorist suspects and interdicted over $112 million of terrorist controlled money.

His insights on the values of our military and our society are worth hearing.

posted at 3:53 PM
Wednesday, September 11, 2002

After Sept. 11 last year, our next karate lesson was on that Saturday.
Sensei Carol Middleton asked the class, which included many children and other beginners, "Why would it be impossible for anyone in this school to do something like what happened on Tuesday?"

The right answer was that our school emphasizes the defensive nature of our art. No one who harbors such evil intent would be allowed to continue studying with us.

This month, as we do every September, we are having an Open House for people to learn about fitness, safety, and the joy of martial arts.

posted at 2:13 PM
My daughter

asked me to be sure to wear red, white and blue today. I wore my shirt with the American Flag all over the back. I'm an old flag burner from the '60s. Symbols change. Love of country just gets deeper.

It's the people. It's the principles. It's the immense gift from God. It's not the pride or the property or the prestige.

posted at 11:47 AM
Crazy brave

this guy did on Sept. 11 a year ago brings tears of joy and gratitude and admiration. Read to the end of the story and you'll smile with indulgence, too.

Thanks to FFM for the link.

posted at 11:42 AM
Tuesday, September 10, 2002
What might have been

Generally, I have felt that worrying about who screwed up on the American side is unproductive. There is so much horror on the side of Al Qaeda that there is little room in my heart for anger elsewhere.

Sure, mistakes were made. Who could have predicted the unimaginable?

But Purejuice has put forward an argument that is hard to resist. It starts
here and continues here.

Somebody on our side should have known. Some particular people should have done a lot of things that they didn't do. And the problem is that those same people are still in a position to screw up again.

Purejuice surely meant to include this link to the NYT article she cites. She also cites a Guardian article referring to the possibility that bin Laden has died or been killed.

posted at 9:10 PM
Less world domination, please

The way I'd like to see it go is not likely to happen. But here's what we've got to work with to build a fantasy.

These two headlines were on the front of the paper edition of the WP this morning:
U.S. Not Claiming Iraqi Link To Terror

Canada Rejects Strike on Iraq

This news comes from Florida, where the President's brother is running for reelection as Governor:
Police investigate Jeb Bush's daughter

And this slight downturn feeds the hope that Dubya may continue the trend:
President's approval rating drops to 60 percent in new poll

Not that I want to run out and vote for the Democrats, you understand. Liberals that they are, they're likely to sell out whenever it's convenient. So, I don't trust them any more than any other politicians.

Not that your daughter's drug problem is anything other than a personal tragedy. It's not. It's certainly not an imputation of the character of the poor girl's parents.

But all of these things can influence public opinion. And the result may be a weakening of the push for world domination.

Just hoping.

posted at 1:27 PM

Weblogs4Hire is a concept whose time has come. Sign up and tell the world you're available to create weblogs for people who can use your skills. Scan the list of skills and user profiles to see who you might hire to blog for your company.

Dane Carlson invented it and put it together. Discussion of its value continues apace.

posted at 12:11 PM
Monday, September 09, 2002
Bin Laden Dead?

Does the CIA know about this?

Yosri Fouda, an al-Jazeera journalist quoted in
The Guardian , says:
"Khaled [al-Sheikh Mohammed, chief of al-Qaida's military committee] let his tongue run away by referring to Bin Laden in the past tense. Something is not working well in the upper levels of al-Qaida. I used to think there was a 50% chance Bin Laden was alive, now I rather believe he is dead."

posted at 11:25 AM


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