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Thursday, November 14, 2002
How do leftists see Iraq?

China Welcomes Iraq's Acceptance of UN Resolution
-- People's Daily

America Wants to Use Biological Weapons on Iraq
-- Pravda

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posted at 10:42 AM
Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Before they pack the court

any more than it already is, let's try to pick the most valuable justice.

The Most Valuable Justice Contest is really worth $500. It's a fun way to get up to date on the Supreme Court's docket. How do you think these cases will be decided?

More fun, but not worth any points in the contest, how do you think they OUGHT to be decided and why are you mad at Rehnquist, Scalia et al?

Please put your responses in the "Comments" section here.

posted at 11:49 AM

posted at 11:49 AM
Monday, November 11, 2002
Veterans Day

Go to the
parade. Salute. Remember.

Some folks my age fought in the Viet Nam war. Some of us went to jail instead. We all served our country to the best of our ability and with "our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

Whether you have faced foreign bullets or your own country's police in the pursuit of freedom and human dignity, remember your fallen sisters and brothers.

Honor them today.

posted at 3:52 PM
Deeply Cynical

Has the Bush crew duped us all? Rumsfeld and the "hard liners" seem to have lost ground with the 15 to nothing UN vote. There may be no war, after all.
THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN in the NYT thinks that Colin Powell is the next best thing to a Democrat with guts. After all, the real Democrats clearly don't have any.

But my paranoid delusion is that it was all a set-up from the start. Bush's handlers knew how to engineer the debate and negotiation so that they got exactly what they wanted. Powell's "position" seems to be so much softer than Rumsfeld's that even lefties think they've won. Meanwhile, Bush has Congressional and UN permission to go to war any time he decides he has an excuse.

Dubya to the world: "T'anks, Suckers."

posted at 3:30 PM


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