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Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Nothing to fear

but fear itself. Why would Bush be afraid to embrace a racist? Here's a
fairly compact catalogue of other racists, besides Trent Lott, who have endeared themselves to the President of the United States.

As for the President himself? Why, some of his best friends . . .

posted at 4:22 PM
Who is harmed by Trent Lott?

Not the Democrats. See left/liberal pundit
Robert Kuttner on the topic.

posted at 2:25 PM
Why do people fall for this guy?

Thomas L. Friedman in the NYT has nailed our problem with believing George W. Bush:
We desperately want to believe that he knows what he is doing, and that he is always acting in the best interests of the nation — and not on naked political considerations — because if he isn't, we're all sunk.

posted at 1:37 PM
Same Excuse, Different Project

How old is this going to get?
The Washington Times reports that Dubya has used Sept. 11 as an excuse for his latest project, a missile defense system for Alaska.

I do not exaggerate:
President Bush yesterday said the United States will build a defense system against ballistic missiles, citing the growing threat of catastrophic attack by terrorists and emerging nuclear-missile states.

"I have directed the secretary of defense to proceed with fielding an initial set of missile-defense capabilities," Mr. Bush said in a statement.

A basic missile-defense system will be operating by 2004 and by 2005 will include up to 20 ground-based interceptors in Alaska and Southern California to thwart attacks by intercontinental ballistic missiles. It is the first time since the 1970s that the United States will have deployed a system designed to shoot down incoming missiles.

posted at 1:17 PM
Tuesday, December 17, 2002
Clarence Thomas is Black

Who would have guessed it? He certainly hasn't given us any reason to think so until now. But here he is speaking from the heart about the
souls of Black folk — not the book, the reality.

The great silent (in)Justice, Clarence (uncle)Thomas has finally opened his mouth to speak. And Lo! He speaks about race.
reported in

According to Dahlia Lithwick in NYT, he took off in the middle of oral argument to strengthen the case being made by the state of Virginia claiming a right to ban cross burning as a violent act in itself, beyond its quality as symbolic speech.

Concepts of free speech aside, how about that Black man standing up for Black people from his position of power. That's what it means to have someone of some particular type in power. The mere fact is nothing if not attached to the interest of the interest group.

Rice and Powell have so far not offered to say or do anything for Blacks as Blacks. They work for Republicans as Republicans. Therefore, no one has been excited, or even interested, by seeing the White President surrounded by his Black advisors. No one has even commented on it in the press, even when they appear together in photos on page 1.

Thomas was by all odds the least likely to speak out in the interest of anyone other than Clarence Thomas. Yet, his deeply felt and personal comments, which he made in the midst of what is supposed to be a cold analytical process, have summed up the change in attitude that the whole country has accomplished over the last 50 years.

posted at 3:01 PM
Monday, December 16, 2002
Women for Peace

They were going up the escalator in my building this morning. I read their buttons and they gave me one. I'm wearing it now. It looks nice. "Code Pink: WOMEN FOR PEACE" It's on a pink background.

The Women's Peace Vigil has ben protesting war outside the White House for the past month. Today they were in the National Press Building handing out press releases to let everyone know about the caroling tomorrow night in front of Donald Rumsfeld's house. "The women will bring food and cider for the Rumsfelds and invite them to come out and engage in a dialogue."

See you all there.

posted at 12:21 PM


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